Shades of Blue is my 20th book

 Congratulations on your 20th book

your paperback, "Shades of Blue," is available to buy on Amazon. If you republished your book, your changes are now live.

Sometimes in your life, you meet someone special that changes everything you thought you knew about love. They may be younger or older from different religions or races. It does not matter how, why, or when. They bring a smile to your face when you had none before lighting up the darkness that you're living in. Your heart will race and your mind opens up to the distinct possibilities of anything you may have wished for or dreamed of. They inspire you to write the most beautiful love poems anyone has ever read. You feel young and alive around them. You love them in ways beyond your comprehension. Your hearts beat to the same tune as your souls are out dancing in the rain. She was and is my Muse, my friend, my lover. I dedicate this book to her.


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