Imagine, imagine, and imagine again.

In the world, we live in today all we can do is hope and imagine for a better place to live where all lives matter no matter what race or color.

Imagine, imagine, and imagine again.

Imagine a world one with no hate that has no
prejudice that will decide your fate where white
is only the winter and falling like the snow and
black is the night against all the beautiful stars
in the sky with a full moons glow.
Imagine a world where the only colors that are
taught are those of rainbows and of crayons
that are still in their box.
Imagine a world that has only one race, where
everyone is treated as equals and it is not case
by case, where we all live in peace and all wars
have now ceased, there are no boundaries or
borders, just wide open space.
Imagine a world where everyone eats because
there is no hunger or poverty and everyone
gets the chance to speak, where we all care for
each other in our hearts, minds, and souls,
where love is shown to you wherever you may
come from and wherever you go.
Imagine a world where we all can live to choose
our own religion and faith, where there is no
crime to fight and we can leave our doors
unlocked and still know that we are all safe.
Imagine a world where sickness is all healed
and cancers are now gone, addiction is cured
where poets read poems and singers sing along.
Where love cares not if you love a woman or
Imagine it all started with the dream of one
man, he was a poet, a father, a stranger, and a
friend who wrote hoped, and imagined for his
children a world that was full of nothing but
love and peace and all the hate and violence
would end

than Imagine, imagine, and imagine again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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