Book of pictures

I look back now at all of my past relationships either one night, one hour, five minutes, or ten years what I found was I made more mistakes than any one of them. Love, sure is not easy it is very hard to hold on to and when it is gone it seems to erase everything you had when it leaves us, I wish I could say I am sorry to all of them, but today I have no regrets. You see regrets for me are for the decisions that I did not make not for the ones I have because nobody knows what will happen when you need to make those decision as we cannot look into the future when all we see is the past. So. what I will do is thank you all from the very deepest depths of my heart for coming in to my life for without you, I would have never been me.

Book of pictures

Looking at a book of photographs I had found
in a dust covered worn out box I had found filled
with pictures of all of my loves whom I have had
in the past, my memories start to play a movie
with a cast of yesterday's whose dreams seem
so far away playing over and over just the pieces
of all the mistakes I have ever made, which is
causing me to age even faster for it will run on
forever as there is quite a few, besides does it
really matter what I did or said way back then?
I say not as I now believe after all these many
long years and lonely nights blame really does
not matter, for in truth when love begins to fail
I panicked and I played a fool from never
knowing what to do but alas just as time moves
on, hearts will began to beat again, carrying the
of all the pain it has ever been in, for when I ever
shed a tear I can still feel the pain from when
my heart was beaten and blue and while age
starts to grow to the grey I have learned what
love now means for me and you, it means never
needing to know if the truth was really told, a
kiss on the cheek, with a bowl of homemade
chicken soup when you are bed, when I am in
a bad mood with a very bad cold in my head,
Love to me and you is when you and I are dancing
on the kitchen floor with only the music being
played that was left over heartbeats from making
love the night before, it means saying sorry
when we have no idea what we did, taking blame
for the burnt dinners when all our family came,
love is a bond between two who are lovers
and best friends a relationship that will last
through the last sands of time that started
from the beginning until the very end that we
can find and even though you and I found that
forever was just a lie, while I close the pages
of those chapters of all those people who
have graced my life, I want you to know that
tears still do fall not for sorrow no not at all
these fall because I know that all of you are
and will be part of me, so thank you all for
being in my life.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A Poet's Journey


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