Where is good old uncle Sam?

I hope everyone stays safe on this 4th of July and maybe reflect on what we are celebrating from 1776 to today and beyond, I do not believe that our founding fathers would be okay with what they created.

the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
"the shark thrashed its way to freedom"
synonyms: liberty · liberation · release · emancipation · deliverance · delivery · discharge · nonconfinement · extrication · amnesty · pardoning

In a country whose money is stamped in God, we trust I guess He is not trusted enough as we took all the prayers out of schools so our children no longer look up and I have had enough.

Where is good old Uncle Sam?

Tonight looks a lot like the night that the star spangled
banner waved with all of the bombs bursting in air and
fireworks exploding everywhere as far as the eye could
see while the reflection of the lights lit up my hazel green
eyes you could see teardrops falling down my face as I
start remembering all my brothers and sisters in arms
who had fought and died heroes everyone for our freedom
who must be right now turning over in their graves in disgust
for how this country has turned out in total disgrace,
The eagle that once flew proudly across this great land
from sea to shining sea is missing in action nowhere to be
found and the purple mountains majesty has lost its golden
crown our flag that once stood for freedom is now ripped
apart and torn while Americans are still treated very
differently depending on the color of their skin from which
you are born, while all of the rich keep on getting richer
the poor become much poorer and the middle class of this
country are all now forever gone, while those who are
sworn to protect and serve us no longer really care as they
are much too busy writing tickets for the money for laws that
are so unfair, the cost of living is constantly climbing even as
wages are going down so now the children who are our future
are raising themselves because parents are never home
needing to work at least three jobs just to pay the bills trying hard to
get ahead while falling three steps behind in families that have
been torn apart by addiction, lust, and crime. Veteran, children,
and the elderly are homeless more and more hungry cold tired
living on the streets with a government only passing laws
making it illegal to give them money or even something to eat,
corporations are making record profits unlike they have
never seen while stealing hard-earned retirement savings
from their loyal workers just to give themselves raises,
Rolls Royces, and five mansions each, then shutting down
as they are filing bankruptcy and hiding money in offshore
accounts letting go millions who now are unemployed then
walking away scott free, For a country who talks about freedom
in this once great land of the free, they sure pass more laws
every day so more people can be arrested then placed in
privately owned prisons, making those inside work very hard
for nothing which is nothing more than modern-day slavery while
murders, rapist, molesters, abusers, are walking the streets
because they were chasing people who had taillights out or
expired tags they forgot or mandatory insurance that cost
way too much or even parking too long or not in the right spot
or smoking a weed from the ground just like tobacco grows
believe it or not, A country whose arms were always wide open
giving hope to all of those who had none standing there with
a shining light held high to show those running away from wars.
looking for religious freedom, or a home to make their mark the
way home but now hides behind her border walls while pushing
values only feel just to countries around the world screaming
loud for the world of human rights while we ourselves are jailing
innocent children who have done nothing at all taking their
parents away leaving them all alone, and all I can say is I just
do not understand and as the lights go dim on our so-called
freedom as we all watch it slowly die what happened to the
the country that I pledged allegiance too and grew up
where is good old uncle Sam?.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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