Poetry in Gods Creations

It was a pleasant surprise when the amazing world renowned, multiple-times No.1 bestselling poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. presented me with the opportunity to write the Introduction to this his sixteenth book of poetry, entitled POETRY IN GOD'S CREATIONS.

Like many across the globe, I am first and foremost a huge fan of Richard's work. With that established, I am also very fortunate to call him a good friend. For those who are yet to discover the creative, literary brilliance of poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr., I am both honored and delighted to introduce you to a humble, caring, loving man and proud father

a young man who happens to write exquisite poems that are often accentuated by the use of beautiful photographs he takes.
To the many thousands of poetry lovers around the world who already follow his incredible, prolific works of poetry, his stand-up performances, and his photography, this poet's remarkable ability to pour his heart and soul out to the reader is well known, admired, and genuinely loved.

Award-winning poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. has the unique ability through his choice of words, phrasing, and structure to transport his readers into his world, showing them rather than merely telling them the gamut of his raw emotions.

Whether the theme is of joy, pain, beauty, loss, parenthood, or God's grace, you will experience what he portrays in his offerings. Through his poems, you'll become an invited and truly welcomed part of his world, life, and that of his son, Ryder.
Unlike the overwhelming majority of his fellow contemporaries, Richard has also been known to write epic poetry, and as one of those poets, I can attest this is rather rare... but totally refreshing in this day and age. Truly, the amazing aspect of his epic poems is that they share many of the components of classical, epic poetry while presenting contemporary, yet ageless, themes.

Whether of the sublime, esoteric, or existential, his poetry resonates with readers far and wide. For me at least, the highest compliment for any writer's works is that they are visceral for the creator and reader alike. This literary accomplishment is no easy task. As a fan of his, this aptly describes Richard M. Knittle, Jr's. poetry. To read Richard's poems is to feel and experience life through his prolific pen and very being.

It is a huge privilege and an extreme honor to invite you into the incredibly marvelous world of words and photography by my good friend, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. through his latest collection of poems and photos within POETRY IN GOD'S CREATIONS!

─ Ron Shaw, author/poet/Internet radio host



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