Our story begins

Our story begins

Our story begins on a warm
summer night with just you
and I under the light of all stars
above and the glow of a pale
moonlight looking down upon
us from a clear midnight sky
while we are busy holding on
to each other tight while
wrapped in nothing at all but
our hopes and dreams that
we both share along with
everything and the taste of each
other's lips left over still from
our first kiss while we make
love for hours then fall asleep
in the others arms then wake
up starting all over again until
the shine of an early morning
light from the beauty of a
Texas sunrise when we started
to plan our lives together while
staring deeply into each others
eyes where it felt as if time
itself begin to speed up and
begin to fly as many years just
went on by as our story of you
I continued filling those pages
with so much laughter and even
tears telling of sickness and
fears along with memories of
our children that seemed to
have grown up so fast with
glasses and braces skinned
knees and dresses for their
first dance then before we knew
it was graduation time as
some went off to college and
others of to war thanking God
for bringing them back home
alive then marriages with some
that last and now grandchildren
running around that are a blast
and here we are today sitting
outside our home on the front
porch swing talking about all
that we have done holding hands on the very spot where
it all begin where we still can
taste each other on our lips
from the night of our first kiss
as smile and look deeply into
each others eyes right here
where it started under the
pale moonlight as the story
comes to end of you and I.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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