Angels on the ground

We all have heard about those
stories that tell about demons
of every single kind you know
the ones who live inside of every 
single human ever born including 
you and I, in fact, I myself have 
written and will continue to write 
about the continuing fight that I have
with mine, being that they are
all really just imagery to place in 
front of the many manifestations 
in our minds of the evils of this 
world like drinking, drugs, sex, 
and many other addictions of 
every kind, coming forward in 
time from the days of old that 
the Bible told if something is good it
has to come from God and all
of his angels above and if it's
bad well we all know that the
devil must be behind it because 
he always makes me do it, you 
see we learn that at a very early 
age when caught being bad we 
must lie, deny, and blame some 
other guy, so we do not get in trouble, 
come on you know everyone has 
done it at least one time in your life, 
but really I need to say with all 
honesty and much modesty that 
I know  angels are very real I have 
seen them up close and hear 
them almost every day whispering 
words I write and at night when 
I dream they, in fact, have saved 
my life now with that being said 
then that would mean that the 
demons are real and again they 
are too for l have and still see them 
lurking in shadows right beyond 
your Peripheral fields and even 
sometimes as do angels hide inside 
and among us humans when God 
places the holy spirit in our hearts 
when he asks us to help him and do 
our part blessed to help others and 
fight the evils of this world. The 
problem is man has replaced 
the devil as the ultimate evil 
and those demons are now of 
our own creation the devil did 
show us the way but man has 
created the world we now live in. 
We need angels the kind without 
wings like those of us who reach 
out to others in need doctors 
nurses teachers are just a few 
but they are not enough they 
need help so stand up fight 
against greed and the corporate 
breed spread the world of love 
so we can erase the hate make 
colors just that rainbows and 
crayons it is not a race do unto 
others as you want them to do
 to you love thy neighbor not 
covet his wife we need givers 
to give we need to be more than 
we are we need a billion angels 
on the ground.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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