Are we really the master of? I have always said that blood or DNA does not always mean family and really is not that much thicker than water I mean take a damn good look at me, I am the epitome of an excommunicated proverbial black sheep of the family and to tell the truth, I am very honored that I am thought of that way, and even my son Ryder whom I fought an all-out war over and who the world and beyond both up in heaven with His blessing and down below, where my battles with my demons are all well-known they talk when you get sent home, knows me as his father even dad regardless of who his sperm donor is, so I sit back and start to really wonder if are we really the so-called captain of our own ship? Do we really navigate through our own time and space? Are we the true masters of our own fate? Or is our life already predestined and no matter what we say or do it will end up the same anyway, what do you think is it luck or fate? Or could it be something else entirely all together? T

Footprints in the sand

  footprints in the sand Somebody once told me that that people will come and go into our lives each one for a different reasons some we meet In passing, never to be seen again some are a little long either for work, like the postman or as short-term friends others are meant to stay a little longer like girlfriends, husbands, best friends and those whom we know our whole lives who come and go like the sun and the moon every morning and the nighttime then we have those that we try to hold on to for a little longer because they danced with our souls at one time or another either way, what I am trying to say is each one of those people we're in our lives for us to learn something, no matter how big or small and to help us grow as human beings and, in return, they learned the same. Then there are the ones we never forget that somehow have found a way to stay in our hearts and souls. They have held our hands as we walked the path together leaving a lasting impression like finding footpr

Even Still

Even Still Good morning sweetheart, I hope and pray that your day is just as beautiful as you are, well, at least you are in my mind along with your pounding heart and bounding soul my wish is you will think about me as long as you, possibly can or at the very least a little while, for every time a memory of you, which by the way is always the vision of absolute beauty crosses my mind I just want to reach out to hold you and tell you that I love you more than there are shining stars up above in the darkness of the midnight skies or how the Aurora dances across the northern sky while your beauty is so much brighter than a hundred thousand suns raging with the heat of over a thousand out of control fires burning a deep-down desire is what I feel on the inside of me whenever I think about you, for all the love I feel for you is one that shall never fade away or even die lasting longer than forever ever will and yes longer than an eternity, which is really not all that

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Judgement Do not ever judge me for you have never  been where I have been or seen what I have  saw or even heard  the things I never asked to  hear. Do not ever judge me for you have never walked in my shoes or wore my clothes or even worn the many hats which I had to bear upon my head. Do not ever judge me for the things that I may have said or what I might even say today or maybe  even tomorrow  or what I may or might not have  written now or in  the past present or future as you have never lived in any of the chapters of my life or spilled any of my ink that drips with regret and strife. Do not ever judge me for you have never seen the wars that I now fight or ever fought in any of my battles that I now fight or lost the things I have lost or have forgotten of what I cannot remember. Do not ever judge me on the places I have lived or where I now live in or the cars I have driven or now  drive for  there have been times I have had no place to  live  or a car to drive in. Do not ever


Help I think I need you I need your help right now I thought  I could do this do this all alone all the sadness the  hurt and pain is too much too much for me to take I  believed I believed I would be okay but I am not that's  not okay I am lost I have no idea where I am it is cold  so cold in here as the darkness the darkness never  lets the light come in the dark covers up my eyes it's so  dark so dark I don't even know I cry I cannot see all the  tears falling from my eyes I don't feel the tears falling  from my eyes when I cry as the tears falling from my eyes  fill the room fill the room  in the dark from the darkness  in the cold, I'm not okay coming from the hurt pain from  the sadness of hurting all alone I think I need your help I  need your help to keep from drowning from drowning in  the tears falling from my eyes falling to the floor from  my heart that is broken a broken heart that has been sh


Sometimes   Sometimes when it is late at night and everyone else is  asleep and the only things that are moving is in my head and the pounding of my heart as my mind is going about  a hundred miles an hour trying everything I can to slow it down so I can fall asleep close my eyes and begin to dream all about you and I getting together alone finally with no  one else around our clothes are thrown all over the ground as we smile and laugh and giggle while we whisper about  the things that turn us on as I get a little bit closer telling you how I love you more than anybody else who came before,  which I say from the bottom of my heart as I reach over and pull you in a little bit closer and I kiss you on your lips as I start to write a brand-new poem across your sexy body  that really turns you on. So I tell myself to slow down and  breathe as I watch your chest begin to heave up and down  as I start to spill my ink starting right in the center of your  beautiful breast as I write "Ro


What is a lie: To make an untrue statement with intent to deceive. She was lying when she said she would sleep with you if you helped her out. She lied about her past experience. : to create a false impression. Deceit is the act or practice of deceiving—lying, misleading, or otherwise hiding or distorting the truth. The word deception often means the same thing as a lie and is perhaps more commonly used. Lies Broken promises, broken dreams, broken love, broken arms broken hearts hurt like hell no matter how you broke it or even say it they all hurt the same, the pain though may not be precisely the physical kind it could be emotional, maybe even metaphysical, or a little bit spiritual, even a little of all three, I mean four any way you know what I mean because it does not matter the outcome, it will be the same because time heals all wounds, so they say, and for the most part, it is true it does, but the problem is what I found is even though the pain from physical trauma will fade