I love you more

I l ove you more I love you more than all the stars at night I love you more than you think I might I love you more than time itself forever is a start I love you more no matter where you are I love you yes even more than that I love you more than the highest mountain peak I love you more than the deepest sea I love you longer than the longest yard I love your body from head to toe I love your mind heart and soul I love you until the day I die then I will love you from way up high I love you more when the lights are on I love you more when the lights go off I love you more in your dreams when you sleep at night I love you more after every fight I love when I close my eyes I love you more every time you come into my sight I love you and all your crazy ways I love you both in your bipolar state I love you whenever you want your way I love you no matter what you do I know one thing that is for sure I will always love you more than anyone you ever knew I will love you more than always for

My post have all been pretty pathetic lately

Image My post have all been pretty pathetic lately pretty much about what I don't have or who I don't have in my life what I need to do is understand what I want from what I have to what I need, what I need is to know is what I have is already what I want and need. I'm lucky and blessed that I am 57 and still have my mom and dad who have been married 57 years not all of them great years but nevertheless, I see them every day since I have a roof over my head living in their house and food in my mouth with plenty to drink. I have four sons three of them men who are not addicts and are better than I will ever be and never been in jail and provide for their families and I am proud of them; I have a job that I get to work from home, a car that's reliable, and Ryder who surprises me every day w
  Maybe wishes come true Maybe one day when you are standing right here next to me I will reach up into the night skies a catch a falling star so we could both make a wish upon it and when we were done close our eyes and I would throw that star as hard as I could into the sky and let it fly back to where it had been once before, shining its beautiful light down upon the very spot you and I were standing, transforming the surrounding night to light up like a thousand fireflies all around us while we are staring into each other's eyes as it seems right out of a dream as my wish I believe is coming true taking me back in time to when I was at my finest right before your eyes causing your knees to go weak and your heart starts to beat as your soul reaches out to mine just as my soul reaches into yours and they begin to dance slowly together up around the moon and stars above holding onto one another tightly deep into the night when they started making love while listening to the sound  


Many of us fight the cold lonely battle of the darkness called depression every day, it is a constant war throughout our life. It is something we must fight just to to stay alive. Believe me you are not alone as I walk down the same path with you. Please remember that suicide is not painless and it is never the answer to the questions we seek. THINK ABOUT THIS. You are never alone for I am here for you and just know this someone does love you. God loves you Jesus loves you. And the one person who says love is dead me, I love you too. Demons These demons that I have been fighting I know are for real, from all of the scars on my heart to this pain that will never heal. Some days I lay in my bed to go to sleep but at night I am still awake, for all of the bad ones have taken all of my dreams  to forsake. I fear that my fate has been already been sealed so even with God's help I tried the I tried the very best that I could, but I believe my world this one that I had once loved is now o

I'm not sick

All these months of feeling sick some days I'm tired and want to sleep some nights awake but want to sleep tossing and turning first I'm hot then cold so I finally Google my symptoms good news I am not really sick bad news is I am just extremely horny. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 

Here is to all the lonely people:

  Here is to all the lonely people: Here is to all those lost and lonely people who have lived their lives trapped in a world of deep sadness while always feeling as if they were all alone, no matter what they were doing, where they were, or who might be around, whose cries for help every day go unanswered, from their screams that make no sounds, living somewhere in their nightmares where all their hopes and dreams will not be found. Here is to all the lonely people who have lived locked away somewhere within their own minds caused by mental illnesses where diagnosing is sometimes hard to find. Here is to all the lonely people who live in agonizing pain, coming from the scars of a broken heart that will never be the same, who have lost a war of finding love in the battles that rage on. Searching their entire lifetime just to find that love is just a lie causing tears to fall to the ground Here's to all the lonely people left behind by love hurt broken afraid to reach out for fear

There are things in this life

There are things in life There are things in this life that you can never get back because once they are used they are lost forever to us so be careful with how you use them if you are not they will turn into regret and sometimes eat you up from the inside. The first one is the word after it is said, the second would be an opportunity after it is missed, and the third is time after it is gone, and trust once it is lost. I know there is more if you think about it but these are some at the top of the list and in my mind the word is the number one because after all, I am a poet so words come easily to me but with that gift comes great responsibility for words can kill they have started great wars, brought down entire kingdoms, slaughter innocent lives, and much more they can destroy relationships as they have several of mine they can bring two people together than tear them apart while healing them over time yet words can also help heal, end battles, and bring significant change for the