Rated MA One Night

My heart is pounding hard against my chest as I can feel the blood flowing through my body and I can not

believe I am breathing this fast just trying to catch my
breath then I look up here you come dressed or I should
say lack of I see the piercings poking through that
leaves nothing to the imagination but the sight of you
causes me to lose control I mean mind goes to every
hole you have I want to grab you by the hair and stick
my tongue in your mouth as I rip your shirt hearing the
buttons flying across the room, like casing hitting the
floor as I reach down and around like a ninja with the
lick of my wrist I undo your bra as it falls to the floor
releasing your beautiful breasts as they bounce up and
down then I give you another kiss at the same I grab on
to one of your nipples that get so hard, it was as if they
were standing at attention, applauding my intentions
causing you to moan, which makes me let out my
breath as my mouth sucks your tits, pinching your
nipples causing a ripple down to your cunt making
you wet as fuck, causing my cock to get as hard as
rock so much making me want to cum and I do a little
so I pull your hair hard you make a sound like a horny
cat in heat, my fingers are now inside your sexy cunt
two fingers going in and out, causing you to start to
moan oh yeag right don't you dare fucking stop until
I get off or I swear as you get so wet it drips down
your pants so you kick them spreading your legs
more I stick three fingers in you arch your back so
I make it four just as you cum so hard you lose your
breath growling and moaning cumming so hard you
grab my head tight and fucking scream eat bitch so
my tongue goes in and out licking, sucking you could
say fucking finding your clit, so I start to suck it like
you suck my dick, causing your toes to curl you look
down we lock eyes as you are about to say you scream
instead oh shit god damn, as you start to shake your
eyes roll back into your head, backing up and away from
my relentless attack from your pussy to your ass crack
until you hit the headboard and find nowhere else to
go you close your eyes and spread open your legs
giving me the room to put arms around your thighs then
grabbing on tight, you push my head even farther in
trying to drown me in your sins baptizing me your holy
pussy water, finding it hard to breathe, but I can't now so
I lick the top of your clit you start to moan and and
wiggle around you say god damn I am cumming as
hear I fucking love you mother fucker, then I taste your
cum causing me to get so hard I am about to burst
then my face is covered from a flood of cum so I grab
your legs as I reach up and kiss you with passion you
say oh my god can we rest I ignore that as my cock
finds your pussy and I slam into it I almost came right
then you say fuck me and we do it and you cum again
all over my dick. I pump up and down in and out then
jump off and turn me over and sit on my rock-hard
cock you see a drop of cum from the head of cock
smiling at me like an evil witch right now you cannot
see straight, so we start pumping to a rhythm of our
own rhyme, then you close your eyes and grab your
tits then you stop get off and turn around like a cowgirl
on a horse, as you sit down on your ass you go slow
as I arch my back causing me to almost burst as pre-cum
starts to surge causing it to become easier and it slides
in you take a toy and shove it in your hole, going in and
out as I start to hump you harder, filling up your ass
stretching it like nobody else before you scream yeah
just like that and tell me to cum in your ass, making me
feel my head start to flush, causing it to expand making it
even tighter you began to ride me faster and harder I say
damn shit shit shit I'm about to burst then it explodes
shooting it up your ass so far it will drip out next month
I cum so much it drips out, then you jump off and sit on my
face, making me lick your ass so I shove
my fingers in both your ass and pussy going fast and
faster you cum so hard it gushes out and collapses right
there on top of me, legs still spread I can see right up
your pussy as it drips with cum spit and your own
wetness my mind thinks what a waste as my cock gets
It's second wind you so innocent sleeping with a smile
but I know better slide out from under you being nice
and quite I position myself right on top of you my dick
straight and hard like an arrow. I am counting down
ready set fire, I slam head first like an atomic bomb
perfect shot down the middle of your pussy, yours open
wide try to scream but wait where did this gag come
not sure where you are confused, wondering why it
feels so good you get up on your hand and knees find
out your hands are tied together you scream I barley
hear you say mother fucker I laugh you get even madder
but then you feel your body shaking you decide you
like this, a lot and start to slam your ass back as I am
going forward so we meet in the middle my balls
smack against your clit you realize I am your soulmate
and cum so hard you lose control and squirt everywhere
finish and give me a kiss and hug like you really mean
it is not bad for an old man you laugh okay see you later
and I do every week until I died a few years later and then
every time I cross your mind you feel your nipples getting
harder than your pussy gets wetter you look up in the sky
and scream fuck you motherfucker, why did you curse
me, you hear my voice what's the matter can't find dick
any better and I laugh and say see you when you get
here. a tear falls from your eye and then another stop
takes out an atm card that says our names as I left you
everything and smile and walk away.

The end

Poet Richard M Kittle Jr.


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