I may not be a super hero.

I may not be a superhero

I am having a very hard time sleeping nowadays 
along with even trying to sit down and concentrate 
on anything at all my head keeps spinning round and
round always aching with the  sounds of an 
annoying low roar like choppers
that are landing in an 
all-out war one that is raging causing me to hurt all 
the time with so many words that appear trying to 
escape my crazy crowded mixed
up mind all the 
while screaming "Use me I am more important or 
they will be" like me best" while whining "use me 
now or " take me first"  but why do they not understand 
that I am trying my best to use them all writing down on 
paper just as fast as I can all day long while staying up 
all night just as fast as I humanly can. I mean I do not
have any special powers I am not a super hero like 
Captain America, Thor, or even Spiderman and I do 
not wear tights or wear a cape like Batman Aquaman 
or even Superman, I don't have claws that rise up 
from my fist like the Wolverine or have any super talent 
like that of Stan Lee who is my hero by the way. Why 
don'tthey know that yet, I am just me I am who I am a Poet 
just a plan ordinary old man who is able to put down his
emotions on paper while making
them easy to read for 
everyone to understand for those that do not 
know how so they know that they are not alone 
and maybe if they are thinking about taking their 
own life I am asking them please don't just pick up 
a phone and talk to someone right now and I am 
only saying it because I do care or someone who 
has lost a close somebody and feels a little lost with 
tears in their eyes who needs just a hug and to read 
something nice even those who are like me that live 
in the darkness of depression with PTSD who has 
fought a war with addiction on both sides of the 
battle even those poor parents who have lost their 
children to PAS or Parent Alienation Syndrome 
who really does know what 
they are going through 
because I have lived that
nightmare and been there 
before and do 
understand all the pain the sadness the anger 
and more who believe that no one else cares, 
and now the more that I write this piece it is really 
starting to make me think that I may not be a 
Wonder Woman or the Hulk but I do like to help
others in their times of need and
no I can't fly in sky 
or pick up a car bend bare metal
or see through walls 
but then again who needs those powers when I have 
the power to heal spread love and peace with only 
just a pen filled full of all of my spilled ink that can
and has put a smile 
on any childs face inspire others to write to fight wars
against religion, gender, and race. So maybe 
after all the others who are Poets like me just 
may not be quite a super hero but we indeed all use 
super ink.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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