I am in love with a fallen angel along with two brand ne songs called "Savior" and "A bar named forever"

I am in love with a fallen angel

One of the saddest days that I have ever had in my whole entire life thus far, was the day that I held the most beautiful woman I have ever known tightly in my arms as she trembled against my body that was filled with more love for her then she could ever even Imagine and it was raging inside of me with flames smoldering like a fire burning out of control with so much passion that she herself or even anyone else for that matter would ever know, meanwhile a flood of tears were falling down like a bad winters storm somewhere out in the middle of the ocean from the deep dark sadness of her big brown sexy eyes that were reflecting all the signs of a hidden sorrow and the shadows that were left over of her much regretful past that seems to follow her everywhere she goes, as she sobbed and cried uncontrollably which was coming from her heart that had been badly broken so many times into a million pieces that it just may never heal again along with a wounded completely lost, lonely shattered soul who is still trembling in the fear of another painful rejection so much so that it can no longer whisper all of her deep dark secrets or dance by itself outside at midnight in the rain and here all I could do was stand there as a friend sometimes fool and hold her just like I have so many times before and lie when I told her that it would all be okay even though I knew deep down inside that it was going to be somehow different this time around and I had not a clue at all what will happen, as the once strong independent woman looked up at me I could see she was looking so fragile as the teardrops begin to fill my eyes and then I started to realize that I could feel all of her pain just as much as she did and let me say without no lie it hurt so bad I cried, it felt as if I was in hell but I knew I was wrong this girl is no demon but I truly do believe though that she is a real live fallen angel who fell from God's grace and the heavens high above with a wild streak that is more than any woman and too much for any man to handle so much so that you need to see to believe it, who has lost her way back home and her wings to fly there, I mean how else can you explain her incredibly, intoxicating, mesmerizing beauty that is oozing from inside of her to the outside which looks like a beauty queen that there is no disputing and the tiny broken halo that lays upon her head with all that messy hair, she is only wanting to be loved like no other has before treated like she is the only one held harder loved longer always giving them her everything, she possibly can but has only been used, lied to, and abused for her incredibly sexy body, that has beaten, bruised, and even bloodied, as every man she touches falls madly deeply in lust with her from that day until forevermore driving them completely insane with jealousy if they cannot have her all to themselves, they try to force her any way they can causing her to run going from man to man. What was that? yes, I do hear all of your whisperings, you want to know everything like how I know her so well, you see she and I have been friends for as long as I can remember finding the truth through many lies in each other finding ourselves left alone together when there was no one left but us who out of sheer loneliness at one time or another have also been very close and passionate lovers from the very beginning to the not so long ago past as I too have been touched by her as we came together as a friend would do while never judging the things that either of us do and I have come to the conclusion with the revelation and forever have fallen in love but never went insane like all the others, why you ask? I have often wondered that myself for which I have no answer, I can not explain why maybe I am much stronger than I or she ever knew or it is because I truly do love her for more than just her body all I do know is that we may just never know, or maybe I too am a fallen angel myself but out of all the others, I am the one who is still right here beside her in whatever she may decide that I am to her and here I will always be just waiting patiently for her to hopefully, as I am down on my knees praying finally see that I can treat her the way she needs to be, then we can walk hand and hand on some deserted island beach with pure white sand and stars shining down brightly and maybe I could help this beautiful fallen angel who fell down here from heaven straighten out her little halo upon her head and then help her find her wings so she could fly back to heaven from where she came from in the first place where I will see her again that I know we could fly away high above up into the midnight skies together playing hide and seek through all the stars as I will also have my wings upon my back and maybe next time I will be right there to catch her when she falls like I have so many times before I just wish she would remember as she has forgotten all her memories that one night that she and I had once held each other so tightly while staring deeply into one another's eyes as we were spinning slowly on that hardwood floor lost some where within the outer reaches of time frozen for all of the eternities like a photograph hanging up on the wall it was as if we were standing on top of an old jewelry box where you turn the key and we would dance about listening to the music of the others beating heart while they came together to play as one a melody of much love and heated passion as if we were the only two people left on earth or even all of the heavens above just as we pulled our bodies even closer our lips came together and she took me to a place higher than I have ever been before called heaven and it had all started at a bar they all called Forever and that was the night that had I fell in love with a fallen angel and today even after all of these many long years through all of the laughter and the tears along with happiness, pain, fears three things have never changed, her beauty which has somehow grown, our friendship which is one that I will always treasure and finally all of the love that I still and always will hold for that fallen angel. What may happen next? Well only God really knows for sure for this story is still being written every single day and truly do pray that never shall this love story end.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A #Poets Journey

The two songs that accompany this piece of poetry named "I am in love with a fallen angel" are called "Savior" and "A bar named forever" both were written by Richard M Knittle Jr. who is a number one best selling author and poet and now songwriter, Richard has also been nominated for the 2017 and 2018 Texas Poet Laureate, and again for 2019 and 2020. Music and vocals are by my very good friend singer-songwriter Douglas Haines.

Savior https://youtu.be/lzHN6l3Qsyw

A bar named forever https://youtu.be/_QxNtxn9EXo


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