Love lives and hate dies

Love lives and hate dies

As they both out of breath lay there with no energy left so still and
in a kind of disbelief that they found each other and have never expected
that could ever take them to a place so high that could see the end
of forever and the beginning of an eternity, quietly in their bed where it seems
they have been for many days and nights with smiles that look as if they were
permanently now painted on their very tired faces so spent of everything
with only the sexy sounds of heavy breath while they are soaked like
there were caught outside in a summer thundershower dripping with
sweat from every part of their naked bodies from the incredibly beautiful
wild night they just had as they were making love and having sex
together without even one single thing that needed to be said yet as
they gazed into each other's eyes with a shy sexy smile they could see
how the other felt by the tingle down below that this was just a break
of more to come staring even deeper into each other's eyes where their souls are now residing
they knew that a thousand stories that filled the many pages of novels
with all of the words that they have already said and will ever need to say so
they saved their breath for the night ahead and the strength they knew they
needed while all the ink they had already spilled that was filled by all of
their emotions of true love, patience and much wanted affection while learning
each other's many moves and desires and the others reactions to all
the actions of the other to try and figure out what was best for
both that looked somehow quite a bit like a raging fire that was burning out
of control with a desire never seen before in a passion that burned deep
down into their souls type of sexy dance along with the dirty moves
going on, however, the only real dance was in the bedroom on your bed and then some
there are no barroom fights smoke or neon lights it is dark but I personally
would leave the lights on because there is so much more to see
while you both are usually nude or at least In some sort of state of there
for before or after usually while both are laying.down next to or on top of each
other or one or the other may be sitting down or standing up, maybe
sometimes even on their knees looking up if you have some luck but I know
you get the picture or I would take some anyway so let us move on shall we.
I guess what I am really am trying to say in a not so quick way and even with
a bit of eloquence and a kind of poetic realism with a raw but truthful
euphemism placed carefully here and there is that real never-ending
true love is the greatest feeling of any type of emotions that you will
ever feel or even come to by far that will give you a high higher than any type of drugs
ever would so look for it everywhere you can never settle for less
then one hundred percent take what is yours not theirs live your dreams and all
you desire not someone else's and you are only there for the ride
be happy all you can feel loved by any woman and man or just take nothing
at all because without all those feelings or emotions being used or wanted it
just is not love but more a battlefield and without love life is really just
not worth living at all. You need to be oh damn now What do they say? oh
yeah "love live life" yeah baby that is what I am saying for you can not
buy love or make someone love you for love is always to be given away
freely never taken it cannot be forced traded or even bartered or mass produced on
any factory floor there ain't no drug or alcohol made in the world that
will come close to it I know because I tried and failed at it miserably with
it every single time love is the most powerful and yet it is the weakest it
when you do not get enough you need more of it if you get too much you
do not want it. love feels as if it is the greatest thing you will ever know but hurts the
most with a pain so severe that it will break a heart right in two to in only
seconds when you lose it love is what it is and will always and forever be, there
ain't no denying what love really is we will live for love and die for love and
everything in between, even dream about love when we sleep it can be the
nightmare we do not need iso instead of always trying o substitute or replace
it. just take the time believe me you just need to wait for it as long as you can
because believe me when I say that I have at least one time in my life felt
it in my heart holding it in my arms and I have seen the miracles that can
come from it and I will always be looking for it wanting love again because as love
lives hate dies and that is what we need more of that will and does make
the world go round and round.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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