Awe and Wonder

Awe and wonder

Awe and wonder came over me 
as I watched you while you slept 
then I begin to wonder how such
a beautiful angel ended up right 
here next to me sleeping in my bed 
either way now that you are here I 
never want to let you go, I could tell 
by the condition of the halo on your 
head sitting sideways on your long 
blonde hair that was all a mess with 
just a little peak of your lovely perky 
breast with your pink nipples still 
erect all I know is that heaven and 
a little bit of hell came together last 
night right here on this bed. How it 
happened is still a mystery I really 
do not know for my memory is blank 
like a camera with no film but I can 
see that you are really damn sexy 
more than anyone down on earth and
I am pretty sure most likely even all 
of heaven and hell you have the looks
of an angel but make love like just like
a demon by the marks on my body and
neck and the feeling I have deep down
inside my soul who by the way is 
shaking not saying anything at all  
I think I went to heaven too with all of the
sinful thoughts of hell making love 
all night long I feel like I have not had 
anything to eat speaking of that what 
time is it? Oh my lord, that cannot be 
right how can that be it is saying that I 
have been here for a week and by the 
number of messages my boss is ticked
off I probably do not have a job, as I 
look around the room I am in complete
awe how did footprints get up on the 
ceiling and the walls, I wonder who 
she is? And where the hell I am? How
did I get here, and what will happen 

To be continued

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr,
A Poet's Journey


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