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Under the moon

Under the moon Maybe someday on a hot and steamy midsummers 
night on a blanket under the moon and about a billion 
stars lighting our way around while casting it down upon
our two very nude bodies amongst all of the Poetry in 
God's creations I will create a new type of classic 
poem that shall become a treasured piece of art 
and it will be written all over you, it shall start with a "once 
upon a time but I know this is will not be a child's nursery 
rhyme, for when we kissed it caused a chain reaction 
causing my premature inkjacalation to occur spilling 
my ink everywhere splashing across your beautiful 
perfect breast writing words I will never forget so I looked 
down at you and softly whispered in your ear what I had 
just read "flowers are pretty and so are the stars up in the 
sky your body is so sexy it makes men cry, and forever I 
shall worship you for I will defend your honor I will die 
until the sun no longer makes love to the moon every 
morning like us and night&qu…

Star crossed tragic lovers

Star crossed tragic lovers
If you look real hard up at all  the beautiful  shimmering stars out in the midnight skies  far away from the city, the smoke and  haze, away from all the man made lights  some where out in the country side where the only thing you will see is the  beautiful Poetry in all of Gods creations  among all the beauty of the scenery  where you will see about a billion stars times ten or more out in the Milky Way  galaxy and other celestial entities and  even the pearly gates of heaven and  maybe even Saint Peter himself  if you are very lucky, a place  where our  souls are from but even further beyond  that is where all of time had first begun  it is right there where you  will find  all of the star crossed tragic lovers like  Romeo and Juliette still in love together  in a death do you part kind of love but you  will not if it is not a real true love just like  theirs is just as they both only wanted  in life like all of us are looking for, but can only dream of  the kind of love  that knows n…

One of a kind

One of a kind
I just thought that there was  some  thing you might ought to know  from way back, before you were  even born, when God first begin  creating you, because he damn  well knew what he was doing  that is for sure with not a doubt  leftover in my mind and that is why  he had to break the mold, for he had  finally achieved perfection so their  could be no other like you in this ugly  broken world, you see, baby you are  like I always say to you all of the time that you are indeed nothing less then a one of kind personality whose  sheer absolute beauty cannot be  compared to any others for you truly  are a beautiful find on any planet as  your soul is just as free and wild as  a catogory five tornado blowing  across all of Texas never to be ever  captured with a heart that is more giving and loving then all of heaven who can switch from a halo angel  straight  from heaven to fiery brimstone  hell demon in three point four seconds  causing hearts to break and souls  to shake (then using all of that southern charm t…

My people

My People

If you truly believe that you know
me then just take a good look
around me as you shall always
forever see, all of my friends, in
every single color, gender, and
even nationality, from white to
black and every shade that comes
in between yet every single one a
citizen of earth Including you and
me. You see I am completely
color blind when it comes
down to humanity, I do not care if
you are Christian, Catholic, Muslim,
Buddhist, Jewish or any other
type of man-made religion for it
is all the same to me and that is
God's honest truth and what
I truly do believe, peace on earth
and goodwill towards all men
and women no matter what you look
like on the outside because we are
all the same on the inside with beating
hearts pounding out the pulse of

Broken Angel is the story of a teenage heroin addict (The Full Version)

Broken Halo, broken wings, her fall from the light was not in her dreams, hitting hard she looked up, the little fallen angel she did scream. Thoughts of regret now fill her young heart, as an emptiness fills her soul, for she now feels the pains of being just a young human girl. Her father's favorite she always was, daddy's little angel, he called her, as she always smothered him with her little butterfly kisses and tiny little hugs, but now she is infected with addiction or the evil of darkness unknown, cast out from the heavens and beyond, she is now scared, confused, and all alone. As her tears start falling it also now begins to rain, she can hear in the distance so faintly, the sounds of the other angels as they start to sing, or one of their own has now fallen far from her father’s grace, as the sadness and the sorrow now are surrounding the heavens and earth with her fall into a deep disgrace. She had