Poison is what you are

Poison is what you are

Poison is what you are to
me yet whenever I close my
tired eyes you are all that I see
your in my dreams and all
of my nightmares too
you are everywhere in
everything that I do
it is like I am addict and you are
a drug and you keep calling
out my name causing me
confusion making me go
completely wild
and driving me insane
an addiction and one so
strong just like all of the demons
that I have fought for so damn
long, like I am abused by you
I always forgive and forget
going back to you only to
get hit again and again
If there is cure please show me
how before it is to late and
I die in your or my own hands
Who knows how all this darkness
started because of you I now
feel so helpless like a fool
in a puppet show with the strings
pulled by you so please let me go
You are my addiction that I must
cure I beat all of the alcohol and
drugs yes despite of you so
now I am fighting my
biggest fear so that I will
stop all of these falling tears
just so you know I will win
someday soon I know for
I cannot lose for the fear is
now leaving me and my eyes
are now open so the light I now
can see.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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