Is anyone home?

This is from my Epic Poem called The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth it has hit number one in twelve times in seven different Kindle categories and it is free to download at Amazon. 

My first book... Exactly five years ago.. 

Is Anyone Home

The masses are dying 
millions are dead while 
thousands lay wounded
lost in their head,
This evil has grown so steady
and fast
it's a black hazy fog that is
our great past,
For every survivor the twelve steps 
have returned thousands of
innocence are easily turned,
The generals of hell have no 
given name while they all sit around 
enjoying the game, They gamble 
their minions who are pushing 
their wares each loaded with 
crystal and black sticky hairs,
The creator of good and his son 
in the past have pulled back
it's armies in hopes that they can last,
while its victories of hope are 
a thing of great lore all the miracles 
of hope is a dream no more,
The son of the king has fallen and fled
with humanities last hope he lay 
bleeding and dead, 
The creator of mankind is now 
all alone while the last
of his followers can’t find him at home,
He sits high above with His 
head in His hands 
trembling in fear over the 
destruction of man,
Addiction: the evil of darkness unknown
has now flooded the land and 
every home, the survivors of war are 
weary with scorn while hope is still 
waiting for babies yet born.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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