What would the world be like?

What would the world be like? 

What would the world be
like if we could have peace
In it every single day?
Would we all be rejoicing
in the fact that a war had
not killed an single innocent
soul on that very day?
Would our children only
know the colors of all the
beautiful rainbows that
they see and not the
color of another mans
skin whatever it may
be? Will they be free to
choose where they may
live and with whom ever
that they like no matter
if they are he or she? Will
hunger and homelessness
now be just be part of
our past? Will race be just
like it sounds as we ran
as fast as we can and hope
that win and do not come
in last? Will men and
woman now finally
be treated all the same?
will it matter not who we
fall in love with whether
it be a woman or a man?
Will our hearts be full love
for each other with the
understanding of where
we all have come will our
minds have compassion
everyone no matter where
they may be from? Do you
believe that it can last
forever until the earth no
longer spins? Can we start
to find peace now so that
my children and yours will
still have a place to live? Can
We all find God no matter
What your Religion is!

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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