What would happen?

What would happen? 

What would happen if there were no

more shooting stars? Could we still 

wish for our true loves to find us

no matter where it is that we are? 

What If all of the 

coins had disappeared to 

throw down all the wishing 

wells? Would we not find 

our soulmates and listen

 to all the wedding bells? 

What if all of the candles

 burned and there were 

none to blow out? Will we 

still get our wishes to be 

together someday soon 

without a doubt? Do you

 think that there could still 

be a happily ever after 

without the fairy tale? Could 

happy endings really still 

be true if you never had 

loved me or if I never have loved you?

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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