Wasted on you

Wasted on you

Your beauty rivals only that of a
goddess high up in the skies above
she who is and always shall be is
truly the most beautiful person that
any world will ever see for it is my
personal belief that you have done the
impossible and somehow captured
and surpassed her very
essence to use while making it your
own, as men fall down on their
knees bowing in the presence of a
royalty for you can control the hearts,
minds, and souls of all
men regardless of age, race, or
nationality creating while commanding
all of your personal
militaries destroying all other advisories
as their queen. And as
for me, I know that the first time
that my eyes gazed upon thee you
captured my heart and soul for a
thousand eternity's so damn easily
and imprisoned them both for a lifetime
of forever yours, to keep
as a trophy to do with them
whatever you damn well wish and
desire with only the hopes that you
would love and cherish only them
above all of the rest but as time can
attest that only happens in fairy
tales and dreams that never do
come true but in a right here right
now today true real life never
turns out the way you hoped and
wished it to be as the love I mean the
real kind of love which is as true as
the sun and the moon is a kind of
fallacy a kind of emotional abnormality
that nobody hardly in this day and
age will ever see it is number
one on the most endangered list dying a painful
death every day as you no longer
know the meaning of love as it has
been washed away and then
replaced by a what can you do for
me today using hearts like they
were made to be thrown away as
you care less about others anyway
and souls you destroy like they are
only nats only getting in your way
that you just swipe away or kill
by the dozens with poison spray and
when you are done destroying the
very things that make a man a man
you just turn and walk away ready
to start it all over again, it must be
so very damn easy for you going
through all the fish in the sea leaving
only the bottom feeders from what
I can see everyone getting
worse in every type of way, then
when there is nobody left in all of
the season and you have gone
through the entire list even checking
it twice what will you do? Finally
look down saying "oh what the hell
their nobody else anyway come on
baby it is your lucky day.."
You see it seems to me that
you already have the heart and soul
of someone who knows all of your
sins and all other things you have
ever done yet still loves you
anyways never to judge who you are
until now for years of giving you all
that they could while always being
there for you in your times of need
while holding you up in high esteem
all while being used then thrown
away until you needed them once
again. Pouring out all if those
emotions that he needs to say with
a please give me a chance I beg you
type of face while just turn away
and ignore him time and time again
until as if right now for I can finally
see with my eyes wide open in reality
n all the pages of my life's story,
it is time now that I change
the color and style of the ink that
I use to write while never again
using your well, changing the
genre to a real type of romance no longer
will it be a mystery wrapped in a
comical biography, and even though
I will always love you like you have
never known I must never live in
our past because it meant so much
more to me than it ever did to you it
seems so you see I created all of
my hopes and dreams in error with
What if there is ever again a you and
me so there is really only one thing
for me to do and that is to pack
them all up and throw them away,
acting like it never happened so that
I would have never Kept all of the
memories stored away up in my tiny
brain creating the beautiful dreams
that have played for all of these many
years. I hope that maybe soon
someday you find whatever it is you
are waiting for, as for me I will no
longer be holding on to a lie that will
never come true no matter how many
falling stars that I have wished
upon or all the money tossed away
Down the wishing wells but most of
all the time lost to me that I
I have wasted on you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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