Time has forgotten

Time has forgotten

My wounds are still hurting
 the pain feels so real, I think
 that time has forgotten to
 heal all of my pain that I am
 in for it is still is going
 strong, I just do not quite
understand how it can keep
 going on for this damn long.
 Sorrow and guilt are still
 filling my head with
 the loneliness of the dark
and a bitter despair, as anger
 along with rage now begin
to take its place, the longer
 that you are not here, while
all of the strength that I had
 now fades fast away as the
 nights now only give way to
 another pain filled day, the
 hope I had right from the
 start has been emptied from
 a very broken heart. I look
 up to God and ask him why?
Yet he always gives me the
 same answer of, you just
 need a little more time.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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