The battle

The battle

The smile that is on my face is for everyone
who I see I will talk to anyone that I meet,
maybe a little laugh here and there but
believe me when I say that the darkness
is still here I still feel it as I am laying here
feeling all alone even though all of the lights
are on and everyone is there, yet the feeling
of being alone surrounds me it Is still everywhere.
What is the matter with me is there not anybody
really there?

Am I broken?
Am I sick?

What is the matter with me for it now scares
me I do ow need to admit to myself I do my
best to hide It but inside I can still feel it as
the darkness It just waits for something to attack
so afraid to get close to anyone new maybe I
will just run away and hide


That is what it wants to keep me at bay as
we do battle fighting a war every single day
me against me
It is a battle from hell but at least I am still
alive well at least as far as I can tell
but the darkness that comes with the feeling
of being alone Is scary to tell
Do you hear that?
They will attack me tonight
but I am ready
I will run to the light for It is a.brand new day
I made It yet once again.
but all it really just means is another new battle
is ready to begin that I must fight
on this day
then tomorrow
the next day
and then the
next day once again
and I now fear is that it will never ever end.

Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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