That feeling

That feeling

I guess what I have been always looking
for is only just a dream and one that does
not really exist for I am always searching for
love and I cannot ever resist trying to find
that "one last time" hoping that love would
finally be mine but alas what I write about
lives only in my mind in some other place just
another moment somewhere in someone
else's time but yet I still so do want to believe
that love has not forgotten about me and that
one day before I pass away I will see it with
my own eyes as I taste love upon my lips
feeling the warmth of loves sweet embrace
I want to know that pounding deep down
in my chest with that feeling of being out of
breath and all of those fairy tales do come true
and a once upon a time will end with happily
ever after then saying how much that "I love you"
while hearing those six beautiful words back
"Oh baby, I love you too" as we are listening to
all of the birds begin to sing while watching the
moon as it lays down with the sun shining all
around us feeling her arms wrapped around me
and our hearts start to pound together as they
begin beating to their own rhythm of that feeling
while we are making love on a blanket down by
the sea with that warm summer breeze as it gently
blows against you and me when a tear appears
then starts to fall from the corner of my eye down
my check when I realize, after all, it was only just
a dream.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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