My gift

My gift

I am going to create a new
masterpiece like Da Vinci, it
will be a classic write just
like Poe, for it will come
from deep down in my heart
just for you a special piece of poetry so you know how
much that I truly do love you,
as you are just a lost soul
who is only trying to find your
way home.
Your heart is as bright and
beautiful as the sunshine on
a clear warm summer’s day,
Just as beautiful as an
deserted island beach at
sunset, and as wild as West
Texas tornado in the spring,
for my heart you have stolen
forever, as you have inspired
my soul now to again dream.
You are a breath of
fresh air in my lonely life,
that is gasping to be alive,
freeing my mind to begin
to believe again, a gift for my
soul you did find.
You have shown me that
our younger people are
learning again to live a life of
their very own, a wild and
beautiful woman you are in
a class of your very own. All
of the times we have spent
together, talking about life
and writing my poems, are
times that I shall treasure
forever keeping me from
going crazy, while keeping a
friend from living a life all
alone. So I just want to say
thank you for being such
good friend, listening to all
my rants, for you have made
me feel young forever, in this
crazy mixed up life that we
call learning to live in life’s

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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