If you trull love someone

If you truly love someone

If you truly love someone enough to
let them go then let them fly away
no matter what the reason may be
because if you do not that love that
you hold will slowly fade away,
see you all must try to understand
that sometimes love is just not enough
to keep two people together, although
they are still in love with each other
but cannot see eye to eye so they split
up and move on to save that love in
their heart to keep forever and a day.
Love is such a very difficult emotion
since there are so many kinds of love.
You have the love of a mother who
loves her daughter along with her
newborn baby son. The love of a child
who loves anyone and everyone.
The love of your pet that you have
raised since it was a kitten or a puppy
from birth till you were twenty-one.
And I then you have those who are like
me who love the boys of summer you
know baseball, hotdogs, and all the fun.
Then you have the best kind of love that
would be my kind of love the kind that
never fades away, the kind that exists in
every happy ending in all the happily
ever afters of every fairy tale that was
wished upon every falling star and
wishing well, the kind that lasts forever
until all of the sands of time run dry the
one that hurts of broken hearts and
shattered souls that if you are not careful
will fade away like a candle in the wind
which unlike hate that comes so easy to
feel love takes time, patience, understanding,
and lots of work to keep it real.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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