As I stand

As I stand

As I stand here on this mountain
top looking across all of God's creations in awe all around me,
I am saddened that I am even
human any more since hate,
violence, and racism is all I ever now see with children dying before they are born and homless men, children, and woman living out on the streets.

As I stand here and think about life and so many different things
in the valley down below, I
started thinking to myself have
we not learned anything from our past? World War I, World
War ll, Vietnam, Korea, the Gulf
War and many more is there not anything else besides war that
we all know? When will we all
finally give peace a chance that
is what I want to know? But
greed and power are the
catalyst to all of their made up

As I navigate sailing around in
this big beautiful deep blue sea,
I started thinking thoughts
about who and what we are,
then it suddenly occurred to me
that maybe all this time that we
spend here on this earth is just
practice for what is yet to come
as we pass then are judged as
our souls ascend to become
Angels are we not higher up on
his rung?

As I lay here in this field covered
with beautiful white roses on a
blanket looking up at all of the
stars, I wonder how long that
it would take if I counted them
all, would there be as many as
all of the innocent souls that we
have lost in all of our religious
an made up wars?

Floating down this long and
curvy river looking up at the big
bright sun, I wonder why we
have so many homeless and
starving people in this world
when we really should have
none you see I believe that God
put us all here on this earth
together to help one another
out, but look at us and what have we done, I am sure that we
are failing this world that is without a doubt.

As I sit here on my front porch here in North Texas early on a
cold rainy winter morning, I look
around at all that I have albeit
so very small because I know
there are so many who have
none which makes me know
just how lucky I am as I try and teach that to all four of my sons,
then l begin to think why are we
here on earth for just so little
amount of time as my heart
begins to sink then break just
knowing that we live a life so
sublime. I hope this world can
find peace and equality soon for
all so that all my children can
grow up with no fear of wars,
free to choose what religion
they are and it is their right
and theirs alone. That things as
poverty.hunger, and disease will
only be taught in history class and that the only colors that are
taught are from all of the
beautiful rainbows around the
world and crayons in their box.

I believe that peace on this earth
and goodwill towards all of man
is a very easy task, but first we
must find peace within
ourselves in hopes that it will
last, for peace at heart is where
to start then your family and all
of your friends, so just look
inside of yourself then let all your hate and anger go while
you smile at everyone that you
meet and you will that soon the
world will smile too from sea
to shinning seas.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A#Poets Journey


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