Two-part addiction poem from both sides called "Living your life for addiction"

Two-part addiction poem from both sides called "Living your life for addiction"

Part One "Married now to your addiction"

Living your life in the darkness, always
running away from the light, for the evils
of addiction has taken you far away
from the fight. I miss you so very much,
and who you used to be, such a loving and
caring person that I no longer ever get to see.
The love and affection that we once
shared have been taken by all of your
hurtful lies, as you are married now to your
addiction, I can see it in your bloodshot eyes.
The late nights that I stayed up and worried,
if you were dead or sitting in jail, waiting for a
phone call from the Devil, who is waiting for
you now in hell. Maybe one day you will
know how much that I loved you, and that I
tried everything that I could, but I have no
more fight in my heart or soul, so I need to
leave you and your addiction for good.
Do not ever think that I do not still love you
because I still cry when I hear our song,
but I cannot keep you from falling anymore,
for I am just no longer all that strong.
Please always remember that I loved you
and I will remember a time you loved me.
But I would rather remember the old you,
and not the person that I now see.

Part Two "Just a fool"

I was broke and all alone, destroyed my
family, and I lost my home, on my knees,
with no sleep, for addiction filled my soul
to deep. Lost my job and my car but it is
okay I will steal another that is not too far,
I will do anything just to get high, rob and
rape and that is no lie. do not care if I need
more, for just five dollars I will be your whore.
I stole her money and beat that girl for just
ten bucks and all of her pills. Robbed a store
for fifty greens a baggie of dope now fill
my dreams, I smoked that bowl that I rolled
mind now twisted and spinning out of
control no turning back, it is now my fate I
sold my soul now it is too late. On some street,
in some ditch, I am laying here dying is that
not a bitch. I overdosed and now here I lay
wishing now that I could go back to some
better days. Too late for me, but not for you,
so listen to your parents and stay in
school Just say no when they ask or you
will end up like me just a fool

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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